Monday, June 06, 2005

On Time
Time and uncertainty: the greatest tests of who we are. We have so many choices how to spend our time, and we never know when it will run out. I am constantly aware of this and it almost drives me to madness. Certain things I have to do, certain things I want to do. There are also things I ought to do. How to balance it all out?

Contemplating all this while sitting on the back porch to cool off this morning (James is an air conditioning Nazi), I came up with a long list of all the things I WANT to do with my time. With a list like this, it is difficult for me to understand anyone ever being bored or having nothing to do. Are you kidding me? Here's my list:

Attend Precepts Bible Study AND Bible Study Fellowship
Do science projects with my children
Visit with my neighbors
Decorate the house (which includes shopping, painting, rearranging...)
Work on the family tree
Write a cookbook
Blogging (of course)
Read three newspapers a day
Memorize scripture
Play with my children
Work in the garden
Have lunch with my friends
Volunteer at our school
Volunteer at our church
Take my children to all the museums
Take my family all over the country
Become a master gardener
Build a fort for my boys
Go to movies
Sing with my friends
Go to the beach
Go on a mission trip
Explore Chicago
Make art with my children
Help others with errands and stuff
Take my children to the pool
Play my horn in a real orchestra
Play my horn in a wind quintet
Visit out-of-town friends
Host an exchange student
Mentor a younger woman
Ice skate
Grow a vegetable garden
Have a large saltwater fish tank
Practice the piano
Hang out in a hammock every evening
Go to all the symphony concerts
Read more books
Host tea parties
Present fabulous meals to my family every night.

How about you?


Anonymous John and Kelly said...

We'll help with the mission trip!

5:28 PM, June 05, 2005  

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