Monday, April 19, 2004

Nice to a Fault
I once had a boss tell me I was "nice to a fault." I found her comment interesting and pondered it for quite a while. Nice to a fault. Hmmmm. I decided she was right, but that I would go ahead and keep that particular fault. I must say, there are plently who disagree with her about my 'niceness,' and I won't pretend I'm as 'nice' as she thought. But, I got a taste of her meaning last night.

I was nice to a cat. Now, the number one rule is you never approach an injured or frightened animal because he WILL attack you. I've known this truth for some 35+ years. But, last night I forgot it momentarily. A stray cat got caught in our garage door when I closed it for the evening. He was up high with his paw stuck between two panels and I had the brilliant idea that I could hold him up while James opened the door.

A few hundred dollars later and after 3 hours in the local ER, I'm home with a red, white and blue arm and a bucket of medicine.

"Nice to a fault." (aka "dumb to a fault").


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