Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Vinegar Rules!
Mom brought me this list of all things you can do with distilled white vinegar. Pretty amazing!
Remove stains, kill weeds between patio blocks, rinse hair, soften fabric, dissolve chewing gum, deice windshields, remove wallpaper, kill dust mites, tenderize meat, get rid of hiccups, sooth a sunburn, inhibit nail fungus, control molds in humidifiers, add gloss to you dog's coat, cut grease, clean ears, repel ants, reduce fly bites on ponies, unclog drains, dissolve glue, keep cats out of a sandbox, polish furniture, remove rust, soothe hemorrhoids, preserve cut flowers, control yeast infections, eliminate pet odors, de-scum a dishwasher, set colors in fabrics, clean eyeglasses, take the sting out of a jellyfish sting, clean radiator valves, aid digestion, and vaporize garden slugs.


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