Monday, April 05, 2004

By popular request (aka Kyndal), a re-cap of the Family Vision Conference.

First of all, it was fantastic. I highly recommend it! The two families that put it on have practiced what they preach. One has 7 children and the other has 6! We talked about the importance of having a plan for any goal you want to reach, especially for your family. Then we went to work fashioning our own goals. We started with a vision and a mission. It was sort of a, "we purpose to...." kind of exercise. We had to boil it all down to less than 8 important guidelines for our family and one, concise statement about who we are. We selected some Bible verses (we'll narrow it down to one) that represent our family. In essence, we set a plumb line against which to measure every action. We planned family nights and scheduled a time to make yearly goals for each member of the family. We'll write letters to our decendents. The purpose of it all is to get everyone in the family on the same page and working toward the same goals. The hope is that the plans and standards we set will last for generations to come (as with the Rechabites of the Bible, who still have family members following the family laws).

In sum, I hope you'll take the class some time. It is worth every moment and its worth finding a babysitter.


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