Monday, May 17, 2004

Woe Unto Walgreens
I took all my 8 rolls of film to Walgreens this morning. I have been a MotoPhoto girl since Colin was born, but finally got tired of it, so I recently tried Walgreens. They seemed fine enough, so I trusted them today. The young chick who does the processing told me, when I arrived to retrieve my photos, that she had accidentally removed the film too early and lost 9 photos to overexposure! In her youth, she clearly did not understand the gravity of her mistake. There was no way to regain the photos. They were gone forever. Although I took hundreds of photos by the sea, she lost the precious few photos I took at the Naval Cemetary. I wanted to wring her neck! I wanted her to understand what she did. She apologized, but she clearly did not understand. So, what would you have done?


Blogger M.Stonecipher said...

Thats why I only use the digital camera now.

3:58 PM, May 24, 2004  

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