Saturday, March 12, 2005

Manolo has me inspired to window shop for shoes. I love shoes. I don't buy 'em like I used to, but I love to look. I can usually tell if a shoe will look good on me just by looking at it. A shoe should be reviewed just as much as a skirt or shirt. Even if it fits, it may not be the right style for your "figure." Here is a collection of shoes I would love to have in my closet this spring. The first is a Merrell thong. I chose it because Merrell's have high arches and are good for my feet, so this could be an everyday kind of shoe for summer. It also comes in red and yellow.
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Blogger violet said...

Now this is my favorite - though the garden clog is funky. And I conclude, too, I need some of your shoe-maveness in me.

I hate buying new shoes. I'm totally hung up on comfort, so choosing something I will have to live with as intimately as shoes is like trying to decide whether I'll marry someone after only one date!

10:38 AM, March 12, 2005  
Blogger Jeannine said...

I love shoes, though I don't buy them very often (most of those I like are too expensive :)). This is a fun idea. And I had to laugh a lot when I checked out the shoeblog by Manolo!

2:30 AM, March 14, 2005  

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