Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It is May 4th.

MAY 4TH!!!


I've been driving about town today wearing my cropped pants and cotton shirt with the heat on full blast. It's May. I already put away the winter clothes. I am not pleased.

In other news, my doc told me I need to lower my cholesterol. Bummer. He's going to check on me in 3 months to see if I did it. Double bummer. No red meat. No dairy. sigh. I did have a bright idea, however: Jamba Juice. Wow, are they good! I had a berry blast for lunch today. Berries, apple juice and non-fat yogurt with a booster of fiber. Just what the doctor ordered and way delicious. (Of course, when you're driving around with the heater at full blast it seems kinda odd to drink a smoothie, but since I couldn't get a cheeseburger....)

The Jenkins are leaving to begin their church in Rwanda fairly soon. They'll be gone for several years, so we decided to help them get some things they won't be able to get while there. Some students will be traveling to Rwanda to help them this summer, so each will take a trunk full of "goodies" to help them out. One of the things I am purchasing is hair ornaments for little Ruth. I chose to do that because I rarely get to buy little girl things. I had the best time picking out little headbands with sparkly lavender flowers, barrettes with bows and ponytail holders with rhinestones. She will have the prettiest little head in all of Africa!

A good portion of the items we're buying for the Jenkins is food: spices, popcorn, and other little treats that keep a long time but they can't purchase there. If you are interested in purchasing any items or sending money for us to purchase items, just let me know.

Okay, gotta run.


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