Friday, June 17, 2005

The Earnestness of Playing
One of the great joys of parenting is watching young children use their imaginations. My two little boys recently built a grand hotel out of a couch, a suitcase and some blankets. Of course, it completely destroyed the adult livability of our living room, but they had hours and hours of fun making the hotel their own with the appopriate books, beds, windows and hallways. The two of them were very serious about getting it right and quite proud of the final product. They even kept their clothes in their little hotel closets and slept there a few nights.

This morning I found Colin on my bed watching The Thunderbirds from his pillowy triangular spaceship. He was busy at the controls and only briefly acknowledged my presence. I think he had Spencer busy at ground control supplying him with his most urgent needs. It was hard for me to resist that little body, clad in jungle pajamas and white socks....but I walked away and let him fly his rocket through space. There is no telling what he will do today to save the universe, after all.

Left to their own, those two little boys would completely transform our home into a reality from another dimension. Their ways are not our ways, and we cannot understand them. But it is a delight to watch those little minds at work!


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