Friday, July 15, 2005

Customer-Driven Marketing

I had a conversation with some friends today that got me thinking about my childhood days in Neenah, Wisconsin. My dad worked for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, which makes Kleenex tissues among other things. I logged on to their website and found it quite interesting. Did you know that they started advertising Kotex back in the 1920s? Who knew? Also in the 20s, Kleenex was introduced.

"Kleenex tissue was originally marketed as a cold cream remover. Early ads featured actresses who testified that the tissue contributed to their clear complexions. Also, the disposable product eliminated the task of laundering towels and was cheaper, too. I
t soon became evident that people were using Kleenex tissue another way, as a disposable handkerchief."

Click here to see the new ad campaign for the 30s. Although I've been known to use a cloth handkerchief, I must admit I never gave a moment's thought to the drudgery it must have been to handwash other people's dirty handkerchiefs. Eeeeewwww. So, you can imagine why Kleenex tissues were such a hit!

Just as an aside, my baby brother was a test baby for Kimberly-Clark diapers. Every day they delivered a small package of clean diapers and picked up the used diapers from the day before. The diapers were taken back to the testing facility to see what they did and didn't absorb. Just think, many people had to do that job so your little bundle of joy could have leak-free Huggies. Nice, huh?


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