Saturday, May 20, 2006

1) Spencer fell asleep in my arms tonight and it was so sweet I just sat there and held him for almost 2 hours. Bliss.

2) Last night we had the Blue and Gold awards banquet for the scouts. It was, honestly, one of the most fun banquets I've ever attended. The boys were so excited they could hardly contain themselves. They were checking out that awards table! Our den did a little skit and one of the mothers suprised us with little masks she had made the night before. The masks totally transformed the boys and they were entirely proud of themselves. A young Eagle Scout led us in some camp songs and he really hammed it up. Very fun. Colin and Spencer came home with a handful of balloons and played games with them until really late at night (we were trying to wear them out so they would sleep in today, but they woke up at 6:30 anyway!!!!!).

3) Some ladies came by today to ask us to be on the neighborhood home tour in the fall. I invited them in even though the house was a mess. After they looked around they asked if we would prefer to be on the 2007 tour. I found that riotously funny (and said so). They assured me 2006 was still an option but if I needed more time... Anyway, what do you think? Have you ever put your home on tour? Should we do it? My grandparents' home was on tour often, so it seems like it should be a family tradition, but it may be too much pressure. Maybe 2008?

4) I'm kinda hooked on Top Chef.

5) Oh, and LOST. I'm TOTALLY hooked on LOST. The show is incredibly compelling and mysterious. I've never been teased so much in my life! I love the way it has become a multi-media experience. More than a year ago the first related website appeared (Oceanic Airlines) and now we have the Hanso website, the Gary Troup website, the book (Bad Twin) and a host of fan sites. There has never been anything like this. I love the show and I love the genius marketing of the show. Do you watch?

6) Spencer playing t-ball: priceless.

7) Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. James is camping with Colin's den tonight. Very romantic, no?

8) Jenna is 12.

9) Monday is "bad hair" day at school. I'm a little nervous about such things. I once went to a theme party: everyone was to dress tacky. I was the only one who looked tacky and we all went out to eat. I've never enjoyed costume events since then. Isn't that just wrong? So, I'm not sure whether to comb the boys' hairs on Monday or not.

10) We've got a team leaving for Rwanda on Monday! If you would, please pray for them. The latest update from Rwanda was posted yesterday here.



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