Thursday, September 28, 2006

Also on the Redwood Highway, you can see Chandelier Tree Drive-Thru Tree Park. Hieght 315 ft. Diam. 21 ft. Since 400 B.C. The first postcard reads: "CHANDELIER DRIVE-THRU TREE - The Chandelier Tree is a world renowned attraction near the junction of Redwood Hwy., U.S. 101 and Calif. State Route 1 at Leggett, Calif. Full size autos easily drive through the hand-hewn opening at the tree base. Drive-Thru Tree Park is the first large redwood grove on U.S. 101 north of San Francisco. The Chandelier Tree is only one of the Park's many attractions." The second card reads; "CHANDELIER DRIVE-THRU TREE. Towering to a height of 315 feet with a diameter of 21 feet at the base, this beautiful example of the famous California Redwoods shows the great size attained by these trees. This tree may be seen at Drive-Thru Tree Park on Drive-Thru Tree Road near the junction of U.S. 202 and California State Route 1 at Leggett, California." Does anyone know if this tree has survived this hand-hewn opening?
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Anonymous Incurable Insomniac said...

You've brought back so many memories! Growing up in California, we spent many summer vacations camping in the redwoods. The drive-thru tree was still there when I went up there (sans family) in 1974. But that's a lo-o-ong time ago.

9:41 PM, September 28, 2006  

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