Thursday, January 11, 2007

I've been reading a lot of very good blogs lately. Some people are just good writers! There are the witty blogs, the information blogs, the inspirational blogs and the down-right funny blogs. It doesn't get any better than that!

One day I decided to go back and read some old parts of my blog and I realized I'm not that entertaining compared to the superheros I've been reading. A Minor Blog Blockage ensued, and frankly still lingers. I want to be hilarious, but I'm not. Sometimes I'm amusing, but rarely hilarious. Inspirational could be cool. . . but I'm just not serious enough for that.

So, I'm trying to find myself, or remake myself, or something-or-other, to be what I want to be, but for now I suppose I'll just continue on with my everyday drivel that tens of you keep coming back to read, bless your hearts. Thank you for taking me just the way I am. And please, no comments about how you really think I'm not so bad after all. I'm just telling you to tell you, not to get sympathy comments!


(As opposed to Anyways.)


We're supposed to get an ice storm this weekend. Tomorrow, actually. The citizens have gone into Full Preparedness Mode. I joined the throngs at the grocery this evening and found lines going all the way down the aisles to the back of the store. Crazy. Just crazy. One of the ladies in line was purchasing a huge box of frozen pizza rolls and two cases of beer. That's it. It will be a great weekend.

(Did I ever tell you how impressed I was that Cindy T*ylor knew how to spell "aisle" in the fifth grade? I just thought she must be the smartest girl ever.)

I'm not in the least bit excited about this ice storm. They predict it will be like the storm of 2001. That was the storm that took us out of electric service for 9 days. Nine days with a toddler and a baby, that is. Definitely some of the worst 9 days I can remember. Let me just say this about that: if your yard lights up green, you're in trouble. (That, dear friends, is the color of loose electricity).

So, we had a great Christmas break. We planned to visit beautiful Colorado for the last week of our break, but seeing how they closed all the highways in Colorado (and some in Kansas), we were unable to go. We did get to go to Texas, however. We stayed with friends on their ranch and had a big time. I didn't even fall in the lake! The children ran free when the sun was up and we all played games in the evenings. One night we made a big bonfire and roasted hot dogs. We even had beans in a big iron pot sitting on the fire. MmmmMmmmmmMMmmmmm. Did I mention Colin built the fire and lit it? It was his first time to make fire and we were quite proud of him.

There was a little incident where I lost Jean Pierre. We both thoughtthe 06Jan07 on his ticket meant January 7 (because we seemed to forget the new year, I guess), but I got an email on January 6 asking me if Jean Pierre had arrived safely. In a panic, I went to the bus station, but he was not there. After several hours of pure adrenaline rush, we found him in Iowa. He had never left because he read the ticket wrong, too. Eventually, I had the opportunity to pick him up from the downtown bus station at 2:30 a.m. on January 8, which I know causes you all to turn green with jealousy.

That same weekend Colin and I had a lot of fun visiting emergency rooms around town after he put his arm through a window and cut his wrist. It was one of those injuries that could be superficial or could be a big deal requiring surgery (if he cut a tendon), but I suspected it was not a big deal. When we arrived at the first emergency room I asked a woman who was being called back how long she had waited. When she replied, "5 hours," we were outta there. We did a little more "forum" shopping before we decided to come on home and get out the second aid kit.

In other news, my cell phone is broken and there are bound to be several Very Important Messages on it. I'm probably losing friends every day while I try to resolve the problem. A friend loaned me her old cell phone, which was very generous and helpful, but it is locked and the code is long forgotten, so the phone just sits here on my desk mocking me.

Other things that are broken? The glass door, another glass door, the oven, the shower curtain rod, the wood blinds and the doorknob. The remote control is lost. In other words, our home has that college fraternity feel to it. Maybe we should just get a keg. And some pizza rolls.


Anonymous lisa wynn said...

For what it's worth (and this is NOT a sympathy rejoinder) yours is the ONLY bog I read regularly. When one only has time to read one blog, and this is it, doesn’t that count for something? If my daughter wrote in hers more regularly …

Anyway ...

Reading this entry reminded me of my TV-watching experience, which doesn't happen often, but when it does results in five-second bits of disparate information in rapid succession as I slog through the channels wishing, in vain, for something worthy of my time, usually to no avail, so I resort to reading your blog.

You are a hoot, and an inspiration. I wish I was half the mother you were at your age. You and Penny and Jeanise (and my daughter-in-law) are all my heroes. I know there are others, but these are the first that come to mind.

4:19 PM, January 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, too, want to tell you that yours is the ONLY blog that I read. Maybe because you're the only person I know who actually has a blog.... but that's a testament in itself because you're the only person I know who is so devoted to keeping one, and then somehow musters up the energy to follow through (even after such exhausting days with 2 kids and a job that actually pays)! When my own kids are in bed and my day is done, so am I -- I am WAY too tired to even think about publishing a witty online journal. Your blog keeps me amused, reminds me to treasure the not-so-perfect moments with my children, and assures me that mine is not the only household in disarray. You ARE an inspiration -- don't sell yourself short!!

9:10 AM, January 13, 2007  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Hey Jan...

If you don't express yourself as you...

Then everything will appear to be fake and hollow.

Being yourself gives your blog value.


10:19 PM, January 13, 2007  

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