Saturday, December 22, 2007

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I almost forgot to give you guys a review of Michael W. Smith's new CD, "It's a Wonderful Christmas." The good people at Provident sent me a free copy just so I could tell y'all all about it!

So. Here goes.

Okay, first of all, it is not a typical Christmas album full of recognizable Christmas songs. It is all original music and its mostly instrumental. Michael does sing on a few of the songs and the lyrics are similar to his other music in that he references relationships. The instrumental sections are beautiful and completely classical in style.

As I listened to the CD, I decided it feels like a soundtrack of a Christmas movie. You sense a story running through it, and though it is classical, you somehow know it is a Christmas story. I think the CD would be perfect for listening while decorating the tree, opening gifts or eating Christmas brunch. It is nice in the car as well.

So, it is not to late to get yourself a copy! You can also click on the banner above and hear a few samples, if you like.

The end.


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