Friday, March 05, 2004

I just started reading this blog. I haven't read enough to recommend it, but I will be reading more. Looks interesting to me. Anyway, I read his review of The Passion of Christ. His view was very similar to mine. I am usually very emotional and easily moved by movies, but I only shed a few tears at this movie. Why? I think because I didn't get a sense of Christ's real suffering, which was caused by His taking on the world's sins. Can you imagine how heavy that was? Have you ever considered how heavily sin weighs down on your own body? Just sit back for a moment and consider the myriad ways sin has affected you. The indulgences you've made. The things you've seen. The betrayals. Imagine having them lifted off you.

Christ was sinless, but all at once he bore our sins. All of them. Yours and mine.... What anguish.

And I didn't see that in the film. I don't know that it can be depicted on film.

Anyway, here's my bloglift:
Gibson's drive here is evidently a need to show a crucifixion as shocking and brutal as he could possibly make it, in some attempt to try to deepen the depths of undersanding in how much Christ truly suffered to atone for our sins. As far as Gibson tries to go to get to that level, people could always point out those who have suffered more excruciatingly painful and drawn out deaths than Jesus did. That's why all this focus on the physical sufferings come at the expense of understanding the spiritual ramifications of what was happening. Christ was clearly suffering from the time he spent in prayer in Gethsemane before anyone laid a hand on him. The weight of every filthy act of mankind was being laid on him, and the spiritual burden he bore was so severe that when he sweated in prayer, he sweated drops of blood. It had to be bad enough that it would make the Creator of the Universe actually hesitate somewhat before accepting the cup the Father had given him. We'll never understand this. While physical suffering has its limitations, the spiritual suffering is something we could only speculate on, our small minds not capable of conceiving of what it was like for God to leave the throne of heaven, to take on every sinful act man has ever committed in eternity as his own.em>


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