Thursday, March 18, 2004

Life With Children
Since I got up this morning I've been busy doing fun stuff like cleaning out the refrigerator, making a costume for Colin, gathering laundry, tying shoelaces, balancing books and making snacks. As a flylady, I should have taken a shower and dresses before tackling these chores but, alas, I did not. So when we were short fabric for the costume, I though, "What would it hurt to go out looking stunningly awful for just an 1/8th of a yard of fabric?" Just run in and run out, right? I've been a mother long enough to know better, but I'll just blame it on brain fade. You can't just run in with children. And you can't hide, either. So, there we are standing in line to have the fabric measured and the boys are calling everyone's attention to US. US included me with my mismatched clothes, dirty hair and bare face. And chipped nails. UGH. Of course, the check out line was even longer, with fresh new faces to gaze upon our noisy existence. I suppose the only redeeming factor is that the queen of law school didn't show up perfectly turned out.

So, the flylady's voice rings in my head like a mother who says, "I told you so." Tomorrow I shower first thing!


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