Sunday, March 21, 2004

These Friends of Mine
I spent Saturday in Dallas with a group of friends from highschool. We were all there for our friend Dana's wedding. You may be suprised to know that we all graduated in 1982 and remain friends. Dana, Cheryl, Britt, Bob, Karen, Nancy, Jeff, Wade, Allen, Lisa, Annette, Patti and I. (Patti was unable to attend but the rest of us were there!) I have known some of them since 1976. When we are together, we're like family. We sometimes fight, but the fights are quickly forgotten. We don't have to look good or act any certain way. There are absolutely no pretentions. We range the political, religious and lifestyle spectrums, but we are bound together by our history and our desire to continue on. I am grateful for these friends and the way they accept me unconditionally. May you all have and be friends like these friends of mine.


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