Monday, April 19, 2004

Blast From The Past
I was looking through my old 80s scrapbook today and saw an article I had saved about my friend Doug Powell. Back in college I had a collection of friends who were, by some standards, on the fringe. Okay, by most standards. Anyway, my friend Kim wanted to introduce me to Doug because, as she said, we were two straight arrows in the midst of insanity. Its hard to say why this group of people accepted me, really. I was a sorority girl who wore preppy clothes, went to church, didn't drink.... They were, well, quite opposite. But, what I liked about them was that they didn't seem to care much about appearance, but accepted people as they were.

Doug was making a guest appearance with a band called Defenestration, which was Tyson Todd Meade's band. I remember meeting him in the Owl House, which was basically a party house. The music was loud and people were slam dancing (before slam dancing became popular). Kim was so excited to introduce the two of us soda pop drinkers!

We became friends, but that was it. Doug gave me a tape of his music he was making at home with a four-track recorder. It was Christian music, but it did not sound like Christian music. Back then (1983), Amy Grant was about as wild as Christian music got, and Doug was making music that would be more popular in 2010! His lyrics were incredible. My favorite was a song called "Voguely Vague" and was about relativism.

So, I checked Doug out on the web today to see if the music world has discovered him yet. It seems it has. He's even played on Conan's show! Doug is living in Memphis and is in graduate school studying Christian Apologetics. I hope you'll check out his music. I think you'll like it.


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