Monday, September 13, 2004

Rock and Roll
Sorry the bloggin' has been so light. I've been working in my yard, trying to transform the barren earth into a little bit of paradise. I've got a large, empty flower bed just outside the door. Its shape is oddly familiar to the shape of the bed my mom used to let me plant in back in my Iowa youth. I've been digging up honeysuckle roots for weeks and finally, Sunday, pulled the last of them out (I think). I got a large roll of weed barrier and laid it out on top of my newly-turned soil, then headed over to the rock store I've been dreaming about for about 15 years. I love rocks. Don't ask.

The boys and I roamed around the rocks for nearly an hour today trying to settle on the perfect boulders for our garden: a few large ones for the middle of the garden, about 50 smaller ones for the border, and one for under the roof-water drain. We carried them home in our van and began placing them until I couldn't lift another rock. Off again to Home Depot for mulch to cover up that grey weed barrier. We filled up the van again and dashed home to complete the garden. (Well, kind of complete). The garden is sparse, with a few mums, pentas, rocks, aster and a large crape myrtle. But it looks so much better.

I still have a long narrow bed to plant along the side of the drive, but I feel as if I've accomplished the bulk of my task and I am quite satisfied! Colin and I sat on the porch this evening after the sun went down. We admired our work and enjoyed the cricket lullaby while the last of the warm summer air gently lifted our hair to cool us. (And we talked about why it doesn't matter if Beethoven was stinky, but that's another blog post for another day!)


Blogger M.Stonecipher said...

sounds like work to me. post some pictures, I want to see it and who knows when or if we will ever get out your way. email me your email address again I used to have it but it isnt showing up in any of my contact lists I dont what I did with it. I like the old family photos, I dont have any of those from that side of the family.

11:28 PM, September 13, 2004  

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