Thursday, September 23, 2004

Today's edition of Friday contained an article about the Hood family home and included this "Christmas" card from "days gone by."

Where shall I start? Let's does one determine it is a Christmas card? Oh, yes, the pine tree. There. I see it. And.... ok, yes, it is "from our house to your house." How delightful. Houses are now (excuse me, were) sending seasons greetings to one another!

Seriously now, this card revulses. It is impersonal. It is pompous. It is completely lacking in warmth or sentiment. What is the point? If I had made the mistake of sending this card on some terrible day when I, in error, found it acceptable to make a callous display of my wealth, I would spend the rest of my life hoping my friends had forgiven and forgotten. This family saved the photo for years and then published it in the paper for all to see!! I don't know this family. Perhaps they are sweet and benevolent people who have been seriously mislead. If so, I hope a true friend of theirs will give them some straight talk.
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