Monday, March 21, 2005

I just composed a most brilliant and witty post for you, dear reader, and Blogger lost it. This is the third time it has happened to me in the last two weeks and I'm getting very tired. I am going to make an attempt to recreate it for you by typing an email and then pasting it to Blogger, which is a totally ridiculous way to live. And I doubt my writing will be anywhere near as refreshing now that steam is coming out of my ears. So....I just wanted to end Kyndal's suspense, which suspense is unfortunate since there really is nothing exciting to tell. Just a lot of everyday stuff.

1) Oh, I hate repeating myself. I really hate repeating myself.

2) Ace Westlake Hardware is building a store just 4 blocks from here. I love hardware stores and am very excited to have one so close by. Retrieving supplies for my projects will hardly slow me down at all! I am, however, disheartened to see that they have removed the Bradford Pear trees that were growing along their sidewalk. Killed in the midst of a full bloom, no less.

3) Wal Mart is nearly finished building its Neighborhood Market just west of the new hardware store. Friday they razed the old Grandy's restaurant and yesterday they removed the sign. Its officially history. I used to watch that sign in the middle of the night from the nursery window as I rocked Colin.

4) Something is going in between the hardware store and the grocery store, which requires a new building. I'm anxious to see what it is and I'm hoping it is a scrapbook warehouse! (Doubtful). I can't imagine why they are building on to the strip mall on the west side when there is a large empty space available on the east side.

5) Colin and I have made progress on our memory garden. Spencer and I went to the rock store Saturday and filled the van with Oklahoma river rocks and large moss rocks. Then I dug out an area where a plan to build a trash can area and transferred that dirt over to the new bed. Digging was kind of a drag, so I hired Conrad, a teenager I know who digs for a hobby. After that I went over to my beloved Home Depot and filled up the van with tumbled square bricks to make the trash can "floor." I'm 73 (73!!) bricks short, so we'll be heading back over soon. 73 is a slight miscalculation, huh? (73 Bricks Short would be a good title for a blog, no?)

6) I started my new work schedule today and got a new co-worker. I'll be doubling my work load for at least 4 months. I'm not too thrilled about that, but at least I'll have lots of money to buy rocks, shoes and scrapbooking supplies.

7) James and I have lost the clutter battle at our home. Colin and Spencer (mostly Colin) produce 23 cubic tons of clutter per day. We simply can't keep up.

8) The severe weather never materialized. Instead it is sunny and warm. I'm off to build the garden!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I compose most of my blog posts (the long ones) in Word. Then I can use spell check, and have a back-up in case our blog eats them. I just cut and paste them when I'm finished.
Angi L.

3:07 PM, March 21, 2005  
Blogger M.Stonecipher said...

Dont feel bad, it just ate my post to my blog too. Glad it was a short one.
Just posted a link to some in car video of me racing in my second ever autocross. When I tried to post it again it wouldnt let me in at first, had to try 3 times to get back in there.

8:53 PM, March 21, 2005  

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