Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Day in The Life of Colin
You can say this about Colin, my six-year-old son, he is never bored. I can't tell you the entire list of daily activities because I can't keep up with him. There are certain things he does every day that I never see him do, usually it involves "straightening" things to his liking. For instance, before we got our new dishwasher, he turned the knobs to certain settings every day. I didn't use those settings, so when I ran the dishwasher I changed them. Every morning, he had them moved back. I've included a gallery below consisting of just some of yesterday's art work. The boy is prolific. Here are some other activities from yesterday alone:

1. Make a funny face from a balloon, a butterfly net, a toy mouse, and a bowl.
2. Draw funny faces.
3. Make a book about germs and antibodies.
4. Beg mommy to go to the library for a video about germs and antibodies.
5. Amuse brother with funny face puppet show.
6. Tape things to face for a "living" funny face.
7. Play with a kitten.
8. Check on recently planted flower garden.
9. Go to the library and find books. Decline "The Fantastic Voyage" because it is not in color.
10. Accompany mommy to the shoe store.
11. Eat a giant slice of pizza at the mall.
12. Build a library complete with a librarians desk, holding shelf, children's section, video section and "adult" section.
13. Make funny faces with apples and bananas.
14. Draw and color while waiting for customers at the library.
15. Build a 3-D germ out of green grapes.
16. Entertain mommy and daddy with a gymnastics show on the swing set.
17. Help daddy pick up leaves in the front yard.
18. Eat dinner.
19. Man the library.
20. Watch Zoboomafoo on tape.
21. Draw and color.
22. Take a shower.
23. Decide to stay awake so the dust mites won't eat him while he's asleep.
24. Fall asleep and get carried to bed with the dust mites.

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