Saturday, March 12, 2005

Interviewed by Mel!!!

1) What was the last book you read for fun? Give us a quick review.

Krakatoa : The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883 by Simon Winchester. I picked up the book because I saw Mr. Winchester on PBS talking about the social implications of the tsunami. He discussed the way the Krakatoa explosion changed the religious landscape of Indonesia and the Spice Islands. Although the book discussed that aspect only briefly, it was an interesting history lesson about the Dutch and the Spice Islands with some additional information about trade, geophysics, and even the study of the theory of evolution.

I don't read much other than magazines for fun. I read for my job and I read for Bible study. Those things are actually somewhat "fun." The magazines I read are Family Fun and assorted scrapbooking magazines.

2) What surprises you about people?
a. I'm suprised how many people I know who are afraid to try new things, whether it be an activity, a food or just meeting people.
b. I am also naive about people talking about other people. I don't really think negative things about most people, and I imagine people give me and others the benefit of the doubt. Every time I'm proven wrong, I'm suprised.

3) Did you get homesick when you went to college?
No. Before college I lived with my brother and father in a very strange household. Highschool was very stressful for me and I couldn't wait for a fresh start in college. My freshman year of college was everything I dreamed it would be. I absolutely loved it. I was a music performance major and spent a good 6 hours a day in rehearsal, which was perfect. I even liked the cafeteria food! My dad had stocked our kitchen with eggs, cheese, milk, potatoes, sour cream, margarine, spaghettios, peanut butter and bologna. That's it. In comparision, the school cafeteria was out of this world!!

4) What is your remedy for a distressing day? (nap? bath? chocolate?)
I like to stay up late by myself with a movie or a magazine. Solitude and quiet calm me down. If it was a really distressing day, I use that time for fervent prayer. When I am alone it is very, very quiet. I don't like background noise, it sets me on edge. I do, however, really enjoy snuggling into our guest-bedroom with the windows open so I can feel the breeze and listen to the birds, squirrels and church bells.

5)Do you live in Oklahoma City and if so, do you know Brent Ollson, an attorney?
I do live in Oklahoma City, but I don't know Brent. If I actually practiced law like a normal attorney, I'm sure I would at least know who he is. Instead, I practice law the way I blog: in my pajamas. This severly limits my professional circles.



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