Friday, April 08, 2005

This week's assignment is to tell about my brush with greatness. I've always felt that my life was full of brushes with greatness, but none of them brings to mind a particularly interesting story. I've decided to just list a few.

1) When I was in high school I played in the Enid-Phillips Symphony as the principal hornist. We once performed with Vincent Price, who was reading Edgar Allen Poe, and I had a solo.

2) My high school crush conducted the last performance of Cats on Broadway.

3) My first boyfriend's father was involved in the fall of the Penn Square bank. (Actually, that would be more of a brush with infamy).

4) I once drove Philip Farkas, world-renowned French hornist, from Stillwater to Enid and back in a Camaro during a rain storm.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog, so no one invited me to participate. But I'll be an "assignment-crasher" and tell my brush with greatness story.

My friend, Angi, once obtained the home phone number for Val Kilmer, the actor. We called him at home and had a short chat. He was less famous then but still too famous to have his phone number listed anywhere.

Ask Angi about her own brushes with greatness. Mention Richard Simmons, Jeff Bridges, etc.

2:42 PM, April 08, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous has forgotten that I used Val Kilmer as a prank on her! I left a message on his answering machine that my name was Penny Stafford and that I wanted to talk to him about hosting a charity event. Then I gave him her number in Abilene, Texas. I of course didn't tell her anything about this. (But I think she knew I had the number.) He called her. He changed his number soon after that.

Angi the stalker

4:30 PM, April 08, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband, D. can correct me if this is wrong, but I believe that his dad (his real dad - the one whose name we are proud to share)was on the other side of the Penn Square Bank thing. I believe he was part of the auditing team that physically came in and shut them down.


4:33 PM, April 08, 2005  
Blogger Dan Lovejoy said...

I don't believe he was in on it. When he worked from the FDIC, he heard stories later about loan committee meetings involving lots of beer and the hats with hands that clap when you pull the string.

Oh, the glory days of banking. He also told of auditing failed banks on a 12-foot marble conference table that had been brought through the roof via crane. Executives can really get caught up with themselves!

8:52 PM, April 08, 2005  

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