Thursday, April 14, 2005

I've been very, very busy this month working in the garden. We've almost completed our memory garden. All we need is a few more rocks for the border! We've planted roses (long stem and bush), dianthus, pansies, zinnias and daylillies. I used a whole bolt of weed barrier, two loads of rock (so far) and 6 bags of mulch. Whew. I've also finished the pavers for the trash cans and planted azalea bushes and impatien seeds along the driveway. Zinnias have gone in under the garage window and I've filled in the bird garden with galium, columbine, daisies, pincushion and delphinium. My violets, redbud and lilac are blooming and we already have little green "figlets" on the fig tree. Last summer I removed a chain link fence and a huge amount of honesuckle. I built some new beds then and brought it a bunch of rock. To me, it is a whole new yard and I can see the evidence of my hard work. If anyone else were to walk in the yard, they wouldn't notice much and would never guess how many hours I've spent back there. It is not a show garden, but its mine and I'm proud of it. I'm exhausted (and dirty) from all this work, but at the end of the day its wonderful to sit on the back porch with a cat on my lap and watch the birds and butterflies visit.
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