Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I love a cup of tea. My husband makes the best: English Breakfast Tea with Milk and Sugar. It is especially good if he serves it in my favorite cup (tea should never really be served in a mug). I have a small collection of books about tea and recently added The Art of Tea and Friendship by Sandy Lynam Clough to the collection. The book is full of beautiful illustrations and quotes like those above as well as some delightful ideas for ways to use the rituals of tea to increase your friendships and minister to others. Very nice.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was growing up in Oz, there was a tea commercial that played a lot. It featured a young wife and her mother. They were arguing over whether while making tea, you should take the pot to the kettle or the kettle to the pot. That still rings in my head - "The pot to the kettle, not the kettle to the pot!" (That was the mother's opinion.)

Angi L.

2:04 PM, April 13, 2005  

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