Saturday, April 09, 2005

"The Myriad Botanical Gardens, located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City is home to the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. This seven-story, misty tropical paradise features a 35 foot, vine-covered waterfall surrounded by thousands of exotic flowers and plants."

The boys and I spent an afternoon downtown at the Myriad Botanical Gardens this week. It was beautiful and we practically had the place to ourselves. There is one large lawn that is bowl-shaped and the boys loved racing up the hills and rolling down on the lush green grass. The arbor was covered in wisteria and the ponds were full of gold fish and turtles. We stopped in the gift store on the bridge and I was suprised what a great little store it is! They were also having a plant sale, so we purchased a few plants for our terrarium. I lived in Oklahoma City when the idea for the gardens was proposed, and I never dreamed it would be as wonderful as it is. It is one of many reasons I love Oklahoma City!
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