Sunday, May 22, 2005

Domestic Drift

The Quinn Report, the best blog you haven't read, has a wonderful post entitled, "Objects at Rest" in which the author tries to remember how the whisk found it's way to the passenger car seat. Here's a glimpse:

Finally, a dim memory from the past worked its way up: while making dinner, I had gone in to the laundry room to check the clothes in the dryer. I had found the whisk sitting on the top of the cat food container. I had picked it up, with every intention of taking it to live in the room Nature intended for it, when I was called to the bathroom.

I hear your next question. Was I preparing a meringue for the cat? I don’t believe so but, sadly, we may never know. My brain refused to give me any more information. I looked down at the whisk, resting innocently in the passenger seat, and said sadly “Oh, if only you could talk”.

Of course, what it would probably say is, “Knowing these people, I’ll be here at least a week”.


Blogger Beemer said...

OK....I'll admit it!!!

I had a crush on Quinn Cummings when I was younger!!!

There...I've come clean!!!

11:20 PM, May 22, 2005  

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