Friday, June 17, 2005

Helpful Hints
1) Put a bar of soap in your car, still wrapped. You can put it under the seat or in a side pocket, somewhere out of sight. Your car will smell fresh and clean!
2) Bake an apple or onion in your oven for about an hour or so before people come over. They won't know why, but they'll think your home seems very warm and welcoming.
3) Keep a swim bag packed in your car in case somebody invites you to swim. You never want to miss out on that!
4) Quit wearing a watch.
5) When you make a casserole or cook a chicken, cook double and freeze the rest for a busy day.
6) Buy chicken breasts in bulk, divide them up in baggies, two servings for bag, and pour marinades in the bags. Freeze them. Before you go to work, pull out what you'll need for dinner and you're good to go!

Share your hints, please. My list is short, I need more!


Anonymous Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Thanks for the tips. I think I had read these before but I had mixed up 1 & 2. My car STILL smells like onion and you don't want to know what baked soap smells like.

3:46 PM, June 17, 2005  
Blogger Judy said...

Chili too soupy? Stir in a tablespoonful of instant potato flakes. Stir, add more as needed until it reaches the desired consistency. Doesn't change the flavor, just thickens it nicely!

10:55 AM, June 21, 2005  

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