Wednesday, July 13, 2005

We Will Dance
So, I'm driving home from work today listening to a CD my friend Dawn gave me and Steven Curtis Chapman's song, "We Will Dance" came on. It is such a beautiful song both lyrically and musically, and I started imagining one of my boys twirling around the floor to this song with his new bride. A great feeling of joy overcame me. I am already in love with my daughters. I pray for them earnestly and wait with great anticipation to meet them. I'll be waiting a long time (my boys are 4 and 6), but that just gives me more time to pray for them. Imagining that wedding scene I felt the joy and the love. I used to think parents would be sad to see their children marry, but now I understand what it means. It means gaining more children. It means the possibility of grandchildren. It is, indeed, a day of joy. I can't wait.

I've watched the sunrise in your eyes
And I've seen the tears fall like the rain
You've seen me fight so brave and strong
You've held my hand when I'm afraid

We've watched the seasons come and go
We'll see them come and go again
But in winter's chill, or summer's breeze
One thing will not be changin'

We will dance
When the sun is shining
In the pouring rain
We'll spin and we'll sway
And we will dance
When the gentle breeze
Becomes a hurricane
The music will play
And I'll take your hand
And hold you close to me
And we will dance

Sometimes it's hard to hold you tight
Sometimes we feel so far apart
Sometimes we dance as one
And feel the beating of each others hearts

Some days the dance is slow and sweet
Some days we're bouncing off the walls
No matter how this world may turn
Our love will keep us from fallin'


The music will play
And I'll hold you close
And I won't let you go
Even when our steps
Grow weak and slow
Still I'll take your hand
And hold you close to me
And we, will dance

- Steven Curtis Chapman


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that song and that CD. We put it together for my niece's wedding last year. All of the aunts, grandmas and moms submitted their favorite love songs, and we made cds for the wedding party (and selected girlfriends of dawn's).

Liz submitted that song. I'd never heard it before. When I hear it, I think of her and Gene (Stan's brother) who've been married more than 25 years ... and have had a wonderful dance through a few of their own hurricanes ... they always come out dancing and closer than ever before.

I also like to make that song an anthem for my own marriage.

But the picture of our kids' dancing to it is precious. Thanks for reminding us to pray for their spouses, and to encourage their parents to model good marriages.

I also like the Bebo Norman song on that cd, A Page Is Turned. Makes me cry every time.


10:22 AM, July 14, 2005  
Blogger Judy said...

I prayed for my children's spouses when they were your sons age.

I now have two WONDERFUL in-laws, a grandchild on the way, and my youngest son just started dating a really wonderful girl.

My husband sang "Butterfly Kisses" to our daughter just before she came down the aisle. It was really beautiful.

7:40 PM, July 18, 2005  

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