Thursday, July 07, 2005

Quotable Colin

Colin: "I had a peanut butter cookie and a snickerdoodle. I also had yellow lemonade. But the lemonade rottened my teeth, so I ate the cookies AFTER I drank the lemonade because the cookies unrottened my teeth."

"Mommy, I was thinking. God didn't make any people alike, but he DID make two people alike. They go to my school and they have the same clothes and the same hair and even the same eye color."

"But, they are still different because they think different things. Their brains are different, you just can't see them."

"No, they think the same things."

"Do they say things at the same time?"


"Then I bet they think different least at different times."

"So, their brains look different? All our brains look different?"

"Yep. Say, do you suppose they ever get mixed up and wonder which one is which. Like, maybe one of them might say, 'Am I Susan, or are you Susan?'"

"Neither one of them is Susan."

(please relax and take a sip of tea while imagining me trying to figure out their real names)

"So, do they say, 'Am I Kaylumb or are you Kaylumb?'"

"No. They wear nametags."

"But, what if they were in the bathtub and they didn't have their nametags on?"

"Well, they take their nametags with them and they have to stay on their side of the bathtub, and they put their tags on the wall on their side. Then, if they switch sides, they take their tags with them and put them on the wall on the new side."


"Colin, are you playing shortstop tonight?"

"No, I'm second basement."


Colin: "Spencer, did you know that my eye has a little room in there where it stays. And the room isn't my eye, it just protects my eye. And then I have plastic in front of my eye so my eye doesn't get hurt. Did you ever know about that?"

Spencer: ".............. . . . no."



Blogger Judy said...

Awww...that is just so sweet!

My daughter used to talk on and on about going 'out of bounce'.

We still use that phrase when a boundary gets crossed!

2:27 PM, July 11, 2005  

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