Sunday, July 03, 2005

You know, I'm still not feeling well. I've been spending my days on my bed sorting photographs and ephemera. Actually, I'm glad for the time to do it. I have boxes and boxes of photographs, but they aren't organized. In the past few years I inherited all my mom's photos and all my dad's photos and a lot of James' parent's photos. I put them all away in nice photo boxes, but NOW I'm getting them dovetailed into chronological order! I've found some wonderful things to share. State Fair shots from the early 70s, penny photo shots from the 50s, Japanese women with guns, me in a bathing suit, my mom cheerleading.....all things I will share with you in the coming weeks. For now, I give you the New Years card my friend made for me to celebrate 1984. Kim was my best college mate. She was an artist and was always drawing things for me.. This card is wrapped in a thick plastic-like substance and she wrote "Happy 1984 Jan" with clear glue on the top. There are some little BBs inside that roll around for fun. It is good to have creative friends!
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Blogger violet said...

Sorry you're still not feeling well.

I can relate to the compulsion to put pictures in chronological order. It bothers me no end when pictures are stuck in books haphazardly. And I love working with old photos. I love to see the youthful faces of people my parent's age -- and older. When I work with pictures of my family, it's like I relive the events. Nothing compares to an empty Sunday afternoon when I have time to sort through old photos with great music playing in the background (Bruce Cockburn, maybe or Simon & Garfunkel, Michael Card or Keith Green).

10:22 PM, July 04, 2005  

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