Monday, July 18, 2005

Yesterday I went over to my mom's place and looked at her photo box to see if she had anything I needed to complete my collection (which I'm archiving on CDs). She gave me my grandfather's book that he put together himself and there are some amazing photos in it. One such photo is posted below. My uncle commented that he remembered my grandfather had a dark room. I never knew that about him! I was thinking a lot about his life as I looked through the photos and realizing how little I really knew about him. He is highly respected a loved in his small town, so I know he was a very good man, but I don't know the day to day things about him. Then I remembered my mom also gave me a bag that she said belonged to grandpa. I went and got it and opened it up and it was all his camera equipment complete with notes he made about apertures, batteries and film. He even noted each time he changed the batteries. It was such an unexpected gift and I've already been so very sentimental this month about all my losses - I just held the camera and cried. Spencer came and sat in my lap, completely ignoring my tears and playing with his little toy airplane. It was a very sweet moment.

(Blogger has adopted some little trick whereby it diminishes the size of the font so each entry can go out like a wimper. Don't know why, and I can't fix it.)


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