Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Quintessential Boy
Being four has brought out the very best of boyhood in Spencer and I couldn't enjoy it more. Here's a little list oabout Spencer.

1. He likes to do pushups and then have me feel his muscles.
2. When shopping for shoes, he and I had different ideas about which pair to pick, although Spencer was somewhat undecided. I asked the salesperson, "How is this pair for running and jumping?" She said, most seriously, "This pair here is the best for running and the best for jumping really high." Spencer touched his finger to his lips and furroughed his brow, then said, "Okay, I think I'll take those."
3. He is always carrying around a car or a plane. The planes fly through the air with a whooshing noise.
4. His favorite activity is going to Target to look at the cars and planes.
5. He wears rainboots most everywhere. Navy blue with yellow trim.
6. He sleeps in superhero pajamas with a cape.
7. His favorite underwear is blue with airplanes on it. They are often worn backward.
8. He loves to take a shower.
9. Occasionally, he will take off running as fast as he can just to show me how fast he is.
10. He loves to hold doors open for adults and little girls, "just like a gentleman."
11. You never know when he might tackle his brother.
12. Will drop anything to look at a bug or frog.
13. He gives air shows on the bed, using his own body as the aircraft.


Blogger Mel said...

Four-year old boys are so sweet, aren't they? I wish I could have kept my sons four forever!

11:33 PM, August 20, 2005  

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