Sunday, March 26, 2006

For a good long 8 years I've been unhappy with our bedroom. The main reason was this blue tulip border that went around the top edge of the room AND around the top of the chair rail. I know it must be difficult to understand why one would live with something unappealing for EIGHT years without changing it... I can't even believe it myself...but I've been busy! I have painted most every other room in the house, including the back porch. I've torn out and built gardens. I even laid out a truck load of dirt on my yard all by myself. Most importantly, I've been busy having and rearing children.

I think I've been frozen with indecision about the bedroom all this time, too. I just don't have a vision like I've had for other places in our home. So, I often sit there squinting at the tulips-that-do-not-occur-in-nature and wonder WHAT to do about them. See that tan line along the bottom. It created a nice optical illusion along the chair rail: the illusion of dust. Nice, huh?

I still don't have much of a plan, but I finally have a vision, so I tore it all down this weekend. Best thing I've ever done.
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