Monday, May 22, 2006

How Today Was Planned:
Take two boys to school, Spencer is staying all day today. Pick up Labels for Education and take last-chance look over school's lost and found. Come home. Read cases. Do laundry. Bible Study. Clean out a closet. Drop by the scrapbook sale. Pick up boys. Make dinner. Go to T-ball game. Bed.

How Today is Going:
Spencer isn't feeling well (super gigantic canker sore), can't go to school. Give him medicine and hold him while he sobs for 15 minutes. Send Spencer with James for 30 minutes while I take Colin to school and pick up labels and look at last-chance-lost-and-found. Today is bad hair day, so we don't fix Colin's hair. Walk into school, everyone is wearing hats. Colin starts hiding. I ask, "Why is everyone wearing hats?"

Answer: "You've got bad hair, so you wear a hat!" (Am I the only person who didn't know that?) Colin starts crying and hiding under my shirt.

His teacher says, "Its okay, Colin. At least you've got your flashlight!" (What flashlight?)

"What flashlight?"

"For camp. We're doing camp this week."

(Doh. I knew that.) "Ach! I forgot!" (the sobbing increases)

So, now I've got Spencer with James and need to go get him, but I also need to go home for a hat, a sleeping bag, a flashlight and a letter from home. Now, where are my keys?


I look high. I look low. I go to security. I go to reception. I check out the table where I set my purse. I empty my purse. I search my car. I go to Colin's locker and search his backpack. (Note to self: bring a wheelbarrow to clean out his locker.) I look high. I look low. I start to cry. James has a meeting in 10 minutes. Colin is upset. Spencer is sick and MY KEYS ARE MISSING!

Back to my car again, I move the labels bag and hear the keys. Hooray!

James' meeting is cancelled so I go home for the goods. No flashlight. Call James. Yeah, it is in his car at his office. AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH.

Drive to James' office, collect Spencer, collect flashlight and head back to the school to deliver everything. Spencer sees the camp bookstore, so we stop and shop. We check out lost and found. It is 11:00.

I decided to cut my losses and take Spencer to Panera Bread to chill out with muffins.

Things are better now. We sat outside to eat and there was a sparrow on the roof above us chirping away. I said, "My, that bird has a lot to say, doesn't he?"

Spencer, "Yep."

Me, "Who do you think he's talking to?"

Spencer, "You!"

Me, " What do you suppose he is saying to me?"

Spencer, "Tweet. Tweet."


Blogger Leslee said...

Yeah, I've had days like that too...

9:24 PM, May 22, 2006  
Anonymous Mike Goodwin said...

Things never work the way they are planned out, do they? At least it sounded like it ended on a nice note with you and Spencer. Panera Bread will do it everytime. :-)

10:00 PM, May 22, 2006  

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