Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen:
Thirteen Things About Snow Days
(via Melessa)

1. I think I only had one official "snow day" before moving to Oklahoma. Before that I attended school in Wisconsin and Iowa where snow was just a fact of winter life and cities were well-equipped with snow removal equipment. However, one year in Iowa the snow was so deep many people could not get out of their homes! We had to wait for neighbors to dig us out! When we emerged, we took some fun photos standing next to the street signs, which were next to our ankles! Now, that's deep!

2. One day in Iowa I got to home after school with a friend on the bus! She lived out in the country (it seemed like it took an hour to get there, but it was probably 15 minutes). She had a pond on her property and I remember walking down to the pond from her house and skating out there surrounded by trees and falling snow. When we got back to the house, her mom made us grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was a really fantastic day!

3. I can remember snowy recesses in Wisconsin. We never stayed inside for recess unless it was raining. During winter we put on our boots, mittens, hats, coats and rabbit fur muffs to go out and play. To keep warm, we huddled in small groups and jumped up and down until recess was over.

4. Speaking of the muff, I sure do miss mine! It was made of white rabbit fur and had a silk lining and a silk ribbon that went around my neck to hold it in place. I usually held it in front of my face to keep warm and it was oh, so soft.

5. I mentioned this a few years ago, but several of my neighbors in Iowa had small ice rinks in their backyards during the winter. Those were great fun!

6. And, also, in Wisconsin we lived in Neenah, which is basically surrounded by water. I remember my dad taking me ice skating at the local park on the pond. My mom had made me one of those long stocking caps with colorful stripes and I loved the way it blew behind me when I skated. There is nothing quite like skating outdoors on a pond. Usually you could buy a cup of hot chocolate to keep warm at a little stand in the park, too. MMmmmmmm.

7. I'm pretty sure this meme is supposed to be about things I did on days school was cancelled for snow, but it just isn't working out that way. I'm also apparently stuck in my childhood, but you've got to understand, that was where the most snow accumulated!

8. Sledding! I had one of those wooden red-runner sleds with a rope for steering. In Iowa we had a very big hill at a nearby park where tons of people would gather to sled. Unlike Oklahoma hills, we could sled all day and not destroy the snow, and did we ever sled. I seem to remember lots of trees on that hill, which in today's world would be a huge liability issue.

9. I used to do donuts with my Volkswagen Superbeetle. Even my friends thought that was stupid. Probably was, but I learned the trick from my dad....

10. Did you know when you work at the mall, you don't get snow days? In fact, they are usually very busy days as the mall. Makes you wonder, really.]

11. When I was single and lived in an apartment, I used to get up on snowy days and go out to the parking lot to help people clean off their cars and to give them a push if they needed it. I just loved the snow. Still do, although my aging body is starting to have some trouble with being cold.

12. My dad lived in Denver for a decade or so and was the president of an Austrian company that built fancy-schmancy ski lifts. He loved to take me to the resorts to see his lifts and to go skiing. He was not very good at skiing himself, and eventually we discovered it was because he was in the early stages of Parkinson's Disease.

13. Once I went to visit my dad for fall break and I took a friend of mine with me. Colorado experienced a strangely huge October snowstorm and the highway out of state was closed! The airport was closed! My friend had an exam the Monday following the break and he called his professor to tell him he was stranded in Colorado, but the prof. did not believe him and would not give him a make-up exam!!! (This was before PCs and, obviously, before the internet).

Oh. I guess that is 13. What a strange way to end. Oh, well, I'm too cold to make any changes now.



Blogger Melessa said...

Wow! Your memory list is way cooler than mine. I guess that's what I get for growing up in Oklahoma.

10:07 PM, November 30, 2006  

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