Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Best Friends

By Spencer

Once there was a cat, squirrel and a bat. They were very cold because it was winter. They decided to go to the mountains. So they started their long walk to the Rocky Mountains.

It was hard to get there when there was a blizzard, but two days later they got there and found a nice cave and made a fire to keep warm. Four days later people started coming. They saw the cave with the fire they started up the mountain. Soon they got to the top of the mountain.

The animals hid behind crystals and the fire. The bat hung upside down like he liked to do. Soon all the Indians got up. Five of them saw the squirrel! But they did not go get him. They made friends! The cat came out to make friends and so did the bat. They lived happily together.

The End.



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