Thursday, March 25, 2004

Marketing At Its Best
CDBaby knows how to treat its customers and how to make me smile. I don't hear from them often, but when I do, I always enjoy it! At least two of my friends sell their music on CDBaby: Nathan Schnorrenberg and David Anderson. I recommend both. Here's the email I got today:

Hi Jan -
Ever since you bought that first CD from us (DAVID ANDERSON: This Is My Real Job!!!!!) - we've had your picture on our wall as "Customer of the Year".

Every Friday night, we bake some mint cookies and sit in a circle around your picture, chanting, "Oh Jan, oh Jan - what would make you happy?"

After weeks of obsessing, I think we've finally got something that will make you happy:

The $5 CD sale.

We did this so you could afford to experiment and get a LOT of new music at once, so feel free to get as many as you want!

Derek Sivers, CD Baby

P.S. You look great today! That's a nice shirt on you.


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