Wednesday, April 21, 2004

This morning as I drove my son to school, a dense fog rolled in. We were driving up Penn and I noticed I could not see 50 Penn Place. The building is 17 stories high and just off the street. I can usually see it clearly from 40th and Penn, but not today. As we got closer, we started to see a faint outline, but we never saw more than that. Even when we were right there, it was nearly invisible. Had I been flying around with no idea where I was, I may have run right into it.

So, I started thinking about God and even Satan. I know they are there. I have experienced them. But I can't see them. If I don't know "the Way," I could run right into them and not even know it! But, through the study of God's Word, we can learn how to recognize them. Just as I know there is a tall building on 50th and Penn, I can know God's characteristics, and I can know when Satan is deceiving me. Satan could have told me there was no building on 50th and Penn, and that is why I could not see it. But I know better. And I know God's ways so that Satan can't trick me about that, either.

And then I started to see cars coming toward me from out of the fog. Most had lights on, but some didn't. So, I started to analogize Christians to the cars with lights on. We are the light of the world...and having our lights on can help others navigate in this spiritual world.

"So, let your light so shine before men."


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