Thursday, June 24, 2004

"Died" in the Wool
I've been thinking of this phrase, "dyed in the wool" for some time now. I have a friend who often describes people with this term. For instance, she might say, "Mark is a dyed-in-the-wool Lakers fan."

So, I got to thinking about the phrase and how it applies to Christianity. We should be dyed-in-the-wool Christians. We should be Christian through and through, not blown like chaff in the wind, but ingrained in the body.

But we can also be died-in-the-wool Christians. It has a different meaning to me, although the end result is the same. The "wool" in this instance would be Jesus, or the Lamb of God. The dying would be to self. So, if we die to self, we are "in the wool." Either way, we merge into the body of Christ and we are His through and through.

I was hoping to use this thought in some clever way, but I'm tired of waiting for a story in which it would fit, so there it is.


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