Monday, June 07, 2004

I took my dad (aka "Poppy") to the doctor today. It is noteworthy only because it takes so much out of me! Today was relatively easy. It just takes an amazing amount of planning and patience. For instance, the car must be empty so as to accommodate the wheelchair and walker (although today we got to leave the walker home!! YAY!). He has to get dressed and get his medications (in case we don't get back before the next dose). We have to get him in the car. (Some days that is nearly impossible because of his balance problems). Then we have to get to the doctor's office in time to make a bathroom break. We may have to wait for the bathroom to clear out so I can go in with him. Today I was wheeling him down an incline and we hit a bump that stopped the chair. Dad almost flew out!!

Then there is the waiting room. Usually, we need one more bathroom break about 30 seconds before they call him back! Dad grills the nurses about whether insurance pays for 100% of his visit and he gives me a hard time if I sign anything, because we might be signing away our lives. When we're finished, we go on back to the car. Once we get settled in, its usually time for another bathroom break...followed by, "Oh, I'll just try to make it until we get back." No pressure.

On the way home dad always wants to talk about how much money we have. That's easy now: $0.00. Next subject!

Superimpose two young boys who have their own troubles and needs for attention and amusement, and you imagine why I just want to sit in a chair and stare into space right now! LOL!

Of course, once I got in that chair, dad called to thank me for a fun day.

That's what its all about.


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