Tuesday, June 01, 2004

This is a snow crystal. Snow crystals have become my passion in the past 4 years. The porpita porpita reminded me of this photo taken by Ms. Patricia Rasmussen. Other photos can be found at www.snowcrystals.com.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you get your images so little? They are so clear and yet fewer than 20,000 bytes. Kdip at http://kdip.diaryland.com

10:07 AM, June 02, 2004  
Blogger M.Stonecipher said...

Snow doesn't look so bad like that but, when you get countless numbers of them together I dont care much for them. I remember as a kid I loved the snow, I could play outside all day in the cold wet snow. Now as an adult, having to drive to work in it, get the kids from here to there and everywhere, it seems to have lost something. I miss being a kid sometimes. This past Christmas my kids made snowflakes from folded paper and then cutting the edges and then unfolding them to show the pattern. I was dreading the mess it was going to make on the kitchen floor until I saw the first smile on the kids faces when they unfolded them. Odd how you picture made me remember that day. Thanks it made my day.

11:45 AM, June 02, 2004  

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