Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Okay, friends. I want to draw your attention to a clever campaign strategy. You've got to hand it to Carson's team, they really know what they are doing. They know the Coburn/Carson race is key. It will likely determine whether the republicans or the democrats have control of the Senate. It is a VERY IMPORTANT race.

Carson's team decided to stay away from what divides this country: liberalism v. conservatism. Oklahoma is conservative, so that would be a losing strategy. Instead, Carson is being portrayed as more likeable and more likely to bring home the pork to Oklahoma. (That's not the way they phrase it, but that's what they're saying). They appeal to emotion (have you seen the ad regarding the tornado with the older woman giving us the tsk tsk at the end?). They are successfully distracting us from the importance of the race and the way our vote will affect the entire country.

If President Bush wins and Coburn wins, conservatives will have the ability to get work done like never before. If President Kerry wins and Carson wins, say bye bye to your conservative values. There is more riding on this race than we can imagine...and I'm getting the idea that many republicans are thinking about voting for Carson because, "he seems like a nice guy," or "I kind of like him." He's a wolf in sheeps clothing for our country. He may, indeed, be likeable. Don't cast your vote on such a flimsy basis.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

During Oprah yesterday, there were about 8 Carson commercials and just one Coburn commercial at the end. It made me so nervous. At the end of that show, I was thinking about voting for Carson because I liked his wife's sweater. The Carson commercials are excellent. Their ad guys are good. I just don't think the Coburn commercials cut it. Ack! We're going to lose!

Angi L.

9:06 PM, October 13, 2004  

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