Thursday, October 14, 2004

I got this message from a friend last night. It was emailed to a group of friends seeking discussion. I would love it if some of my readers could add to the discussion.

"I haven't had any thoughts about John Kerry good or bad and have felt rather neutral about Bush but with a slight sense of unease. I have to admit that during the 3 debates I feel John Kerry's point of view has resonated with me much more that Bush. I'm curious to know what everyone's thoughts have been regarding the debates. Not looking to get nasty sniping comments just thoughtful commentary. Anybody want to chime in?"

And here are a few comments I've received via email:

"I also try to remain open-minded and watched the debates in a non-judgmental manner. However, nothing that George W., Dickie, or ANY Bush supporter can say ANYTHING to begin to explain to me why the He** I would/should vote Republican. I'm not asking much; just give me a reason. They can't do it. Plus, that wild-eyed look in Bush's eyes added with the foaming at the mouth (I'm NOT joking; did you see last night?) give me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach."

"I will say that I've tried to listen with a neutral ear to try to see things from another's perspective. I've also tried to focus on the facts--the results of the last four years. I can't see Bush's policies or practices getting any better."

"I think that wide eyed look was an effort not to scowl and in defense of the President I have to say that if someone were dissing me like that I would probably scowl."

"This guy has many valid points but it boils down to whether or not diplomacy can still make effective change. Even a liberal going into this situation knows that there is a battle out there. This hatred the Muslims have of the western world spans over a thousand years and the western world has certainly played a part in the situation. I've just been reading about European history and it strikes me that there has never been a period of time where brutality and war has not existed - even in civilized nations. There won't be world peace until Christ returns.

"I believe President Bush when he says spreading liberty is the answer to the problem but I don't think the US and Great Britain can spread liberty throughout the world on their own. I also believe it is going to take more than military strength to do it. I believe it will have to be a two pronged attack diplomacy and military.

"Alas, even with the points made in this article my core values are still reflected in the liberal side. I'm a much more middle of the road liberal though."


Blogger Jan said...

Here's another email I got today:
Republicans are always about less Fed. Govt' and competitive commerce yet
they want:
- a Constitutional Amendment forcing the states to declare how to define
- a federal ban on abortions (certain types, yes. But this is only the
- ban on Canadian prescription drugs--this has already been turned down (I
thought Reps were ALL about competition to create lower prices!).
Anyway, just a few examples. Plus, I'm pro-choice and still searching for
that middle class that we've all left behind.

5:21 PM, October 14, 2004  

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