Monday, March 21, 2005

Dan has inspired me to share my comments from the Sunday inserts. I'll begin with this girl. In my opinion, everything about this outfit is inappropriate for a pre-teen. To begin, her shirt says, "Boys are trouble." Cute. Let's demonize the boys and see if they live up to the expectation! Yeah. That's the ticket. I've seen a lot of similar slogans on shirts and I believe they go a long way to break down "gender relations." Feminism should not be about shifting the balance, it should be about equality, a wholly different concept. Now let us move to the short. Wow. They are definitely short. And tight. Throw in some long legs and heels, lean the little girl against a wall in a provocative pose and throw her to the wolves. When I think of how many of my girlfriends were molested as teenagers and then I see fashion like this, it makes me want to scream. Please don't let your girls dress like this.
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