Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Big Camping Adventure
Yesterday, Colin got it in his head that we should have a campout/celebration in our backyard to memorialize our cats. He was hard to turn down because he spent the entire day working out the plans in great deal. He and Spencer packed one box for each member of our family, which included one snack, one pillow, one blankie, one toy and one pair of underwear. They were lined up in my office and ready to go by 2:00. I mentioned that we don't have a tent, and he said we could buy one. Eventually, he agreed we could remove the seats from our van and sleep in the back.

The celebration was scheduled to begin 10 minutes before sundown. We were to pray a prayer of thanksgiving for our cats and then enjoy nature and a few games on the lawn. I removed the seats from our van and we spread out several blankets and brought in a bunch of pillows and flashlights. We hung a lantern flashlight in the van and laid on our backs to stare at the stars. Eventually Daddy brought his portable CD with the latest Veggie Tales movie, I made popcorn and the boys watched the movie while I finished my work inside. By the time I returned, the were all asleep and I had only to crawl in a make a space for myself.

I didn't sleep well because my allergies are bothering me so much, and I ended up coming inside around 4:00 a.m., but it was a great adventure sleeping in the back yard. Colin said it was the best night ever. That's what its all about.


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