Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Playing the Game
Anybody Home asks us to play "the game" and tell everyone what is on our desks. Oh, my. I'm not sure I have enought bandwidth! But, here goes (and I hope you'll play, too! Tell me in my comments or post it on your blog and let me know!)

1) All the scrapbooking supplies I bought at 7 Minutes Later on Monday except the ones Lynx the kitten knocked off last night.
2) James the splendid red engine.
3) Postcards!
4) Last year's calendar my little brother finally sent to me last week.
5) My Bible.
6) Wisconsin Court of Appeals cases.
7) Pink easter grass I bought for half price at Target yesterday.
8) The Yankee Candle I won at Bunko Monday night.
9) James' radio/flashlight that is supposed to be in the basement in case of tornado.
10) A box of wipes left over from when the water was off Monday.
11) A very strange piggy bank I love with a rabbit and cacti painted on the side.
12) A box of marbles.
13) A bottle of sand from Destin, Florida.
14) A box of buttons.
15) My work notebook.
16) A bill the Daily Oklahoman sent me after giving me 3 months of free daily papers. They are hoping I am now addicted to their paper and will sign up for more. Not gonna happen.
17) Sunday's church bulletin.
18) One of those Russian dolls that has a whole bunch of smaller dolls inside.
19) A box full of greeting cards.
20) Lynx the cat.
21) Speakers that quit working sometime last weekend.
22) Pottery Barn catalog opened to a beach scene.
23) A stack of scrapooking and Islands magazines.
24) A brown package all tied up with string I got from Thailand when I ordered a little toy Honda Element from e-bay. Coolest looking package ever.
25) The Visual Bible VHS tapes, Matthew.
26) Film that needs to be developed.
27) Miscellaneous art from Colin.
28) A box of notepads.
29) A stack of CDs (the music kind, not the money kind)
30) A few coupons.
31) The charger for my cell phone that belongs in my van.
32) The model of the 7-foot dome Colin wants me to build in the backyaard.
33) A cute cylinder box decorated with maps that James once filled with my favorite treat: chocolate covered dried cherries.
34) A pink sand timer.
35) A rhinestone-encrusted cross that came off a bookmark.

Clearly I need some help.


Blogger Mel said...

Clearly, you win!

7:56 PM, April 03, 2005  
Blogger Jan said...

Thanks! You can just send me my prize by snail mail. I'll keep it on my desk.

8:16 PM, April 03, 2005  

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