Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Happy Homemaking
Yesterday this blog had a visitor who came from the Google search: “how to be happy as a homemaker.” I don’t know if she’ll be back, but I’ve been thinking about her and decided to address her question.

The question could have many reasons. Perhaps she had career goals and now finds herself at home, at a loss for what to do with her new role. Maybe she always wanted to be a homemaker, but finds it is not all she hoped for. Maybe she’s just doing research, with no emotional ties to the question. Whatever the reason, the answer is the same: you decide to be happy. (Really, “happy” is not the correct word for the situation. I’d rather use “joyful.”)

No matter your situation in life, it is a temporary season. Why not make the best of it? Homemaking (and motherhood) are really fleeting, but they are important. It is as if each task you undertake is a stitch in the great quilt of comfort that covers our nation. Your family may not realize all that you do, but they benefit nonetheless….just as you benefit from the works of countless others whose work goes unnoticed by you. Take pride in your own work, not seeking praise from others.

You may notice I have a link to the Homeliving Helper over there to the right. There is a recent post about combating depression that has some questions you should ask yourself each day:

Have I been creative?
Have I helped someone or given some encouragement to someone else?
Have I eaten right? (Too many sweets and caffeine can cause anxiety: some chocolate has caffeine in it).
Have I looked my very best today?
Have I smiled? (A smile can actually improve your mental outlook and change gloomy feelings)
Have I learned something today?
Have I avoided reading discouraging material, or am I feeding on the "bad news" that is broadcast? (Try avoiding these things for several days and see if there is a noted improvment in your happiness level. You'll discover that the world keeps on going!)
Have I improved myself in any way today?
Is my house clean, orderly, and beautifully decorated?

These are wonderful points. You’ll notice that accomplishing these requires one to get off the couch, and possibly out of the house. The FlyLady is a big helper on this one. Her marching orders include jumping out of bed, making it immediately, and getting dressed and groomed (including shoes) before doing anything else. Give her methods a try and you’ll find yourself growing in joy.

My other best advice is: “Get Yourself Some Girlfriends!!” Make time for your friends and you’ll be blessed beyond measure. (One caveat: be sure those girlfriends are positive people. Don’t get yourself involved with drama, control or anger.)


Blogger Jeannine said...

Thanks Jan! Joy is really so important in everything we do. I realize it all the time when I'm at work too. What a difference a joyful attitude makes!

12:47 AM, March 31, 2005  
Blogger violet said...

Lovely post, Jan - great advice: "you decide to be happy." Also like your list of suggestions plus the recurring little dig-in-the-ribs what is that? (whatever - it makes me feel like giggling).

10:08 PM, March 31, 2005  

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