Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Getting My Fix, Not Yet Fixed, Fruit of the Loo Cars and Hardware
I've dropped by my husband's office to get my blog fix for today. Sad, isn't it. But not as sad as the quiet computer that sits, dead, on the messy desk in my office. It is SO quiet. (Sing Funeral March here (lyrics: dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum du dum)).

Here's a quick little conversation with Spencer from yesterday:

"Mommy, did you know Robbie Gordon's sponsor is Fruit?"
"You mean Fruit of the Loom?"
"Nope, just Fruit. Sometimes they call it Fruit of the Loo, but that is just because he's from Texas. But, its really just Fruit."

In other news, we're finally getting our new Anderson storm door today and I'm very excited about that. It ventilates from the top OR bottom! ooooooh! As a bonus, I'll be able to windex the handprints on a daily basis. Well, yes, there is that.

And tomorrow Westlake Hardware opens just 3 blocks from my house!!! Just imagine, rows and rows of tools and paint and fixtures and flowers and nails......TOMORROW! I'm sorry Home Depot, but its just 3 blocks away. I know you'll miss me. I'll visit for the big stuff, I promise. But three blocks? How can I resist?

(Just a little something most of you don't know about me: I love hardware stores and hardware. I can spend hours on my computer looking at old doorknobs and lighting fixtures and light switches. I love the sounds of power tools and hammers. The smell of lumber sends me. I know its strange, but its true.)

My children are playing bumber cars with daddy's office chairs, so I better get outta here.

Send in the nerds!


Anonymous Bobby said...

Westlake Hardware can be a dangerous place to the pocket book. I have one about a half mile from my house

10:35 PM, April 22, 2005  

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