Thursday, April 14, 2005

There's Your Winner!
James and Spencer are traveling to the Texas Motor Speedway tomorrow for qualifying. Spencer is beyond excited. In honor of their big day, I thought I would share a bit of Spencer's creativity. He is constantly making racecar "scrapbooks," in which he colors racing cars and drivers and staples the pages together. He then brings me the book and orders me to take dictation and write the words on the pages. The following is an excerpt from one of his many scrapbooks (I write they way he speaks, not using the correct spelling):

"Jimmie Johnson! And Matt Kensiff was right behind him...and Robbie Gordon takes the lead. Joe Memocek...and he goes right past the leaders. Jeff Gordon. Terry Labonte, who is the 44 car and Bo Memocek passed-ed the 44 car who was in the lead for a long time on DAYTONA 500! Jimmie Johnson passed the leader Mack Kensiff in 9th place. The 30 car almost wreckeded but Jimmie Johnson passed the finish line on the first lap. Mack Kensseff. Drawn Andretti is right past him and Joe Jarrett is in the middle. Jimmie Johnson passes into the lead but the caplice car comes out and they start all over.

"DAYTONA 500! The number 3 1 car had to go in the pit because he lost on tire. Jimmie Johnson is in 9th place. The number three-zero. Mack Kansev and Jimmie Johnson and Terry Labonte passes the three-zero. Its the 8th lap and the 30 wrecks the wall and Mark Martin spins out at the DAYTONA AT NIGHT. Brian Nooooman! And Jack Lazier was right in the lead. Jeff Gordon comes in twoof place but the three-zero wrecked at the 8th lap. So they start over. Gentlemen, start your engines!

"Jeff Gordon is on the pole. Green flag! Green, green, green!!! Bobby Gordon is right behind the leaders. The three-zero car is right here trying to pass Bobby Labonte in DAYTONA 500! Brett Bodine is in twoof place. The 30 car is in the lead with 18, Bobby Labonte's Christmas car, right behind. Bo Memocek.... Rusty Wallace and his number 99 car! Brett Bodine with a lot of number ones and Bo Memocek!"


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